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  • History - Homington

History - Homington

In the Doomsday Book (1086) is the entry:

“Obermus the Priest, holds Humitone. Alsi held it in the time of King Edward and it was assessed as two hides. Here is one plough land. There are two cottagers, 3 acres of meadow and 6 acres of pasture. It is worth 30 shillings.”

St Mary the Virgin Church, Homington.

This beautiful Wiltshire Church dates back to the year 1250, has a most interesting history and continues to be a much-loved meeting place for worship.

The earliest recorded reference to the Church is the 1291 Taxatic of Pope Nicholas when it was rated at £5. It is probable that the earliest parts of the Church, Nave and Chancel date back to 1250 when the entrance door was on the North Side.

In about 1450 the South Aisle was added.

The Tower is considered an afterthought when constructed in the 1500s.

The Church was extensively restored in 1794 and further restoration in 1860.

Today it remains a powerful reminder that for 750 years there has been a church here as a constant focus for the Christian faith in the local community. May God bless you and give you His peace.

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