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Our theme for Lent this year is JOURNEY

‘Journey is essential.  It is part of the very essence of being human.  Moving from childhood to adult, from school to work, from apprentice to master, from who we were to who we are is all part of the journey we may experience as we travel through life.

The bible is steeped in the motif of journey.  From Abram following God’s call, through wanderings to the Promised Land, through exile, restoration and Jesus’ ministry in Galilee and beyond, the restless people of God kept moving.  After Pentecost the Word then travelled, hand from person to person until the whole world was able to know that God was calling them to travel with him.

For some the journey of life will be easier with the resources needed to make the difficult transitions, for others the journey can be hard, painful and far too short. 

One thing we can’t choose is where we are born, but one thing we can choose to do is to help those who travel a hard path.

Our Lent appeal this year is to fall in step with the work of CRESS.  Instead of denying ourselves chocolate or the occasional glass of wine, this is a truly positive way to mark this special season.  Instead of ‘giving up’, we can ‘give’ so that those who are struggling can find the people of the Chalke Valley are walking along side.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events or to any of our church services during Lent, Holy Week or Easter.  Please click on the link below to view the listing of all services and events 

2019 Lent Booklet

Details of our fund raising events are listed below.

Please click on the event to view the poster giving times and contact details

Saturday 9th March - Lent Lunch - Radnor Hall Bodenham

Saturday 16th March - Coffee Morning with Stalls - Bishopstone Village Hall

Tuesday 19th March - Lent Lunch - Broad Chalke Village Hall

Saturday 23rd March - Ploughman's Lunch - Coombe Bissett Village Hall

Saturday 23rd March - African Evening - Ebbesbourne Wake Village Hall

Saturday 30th March - Soup & Cheese Lunch, Berwick St John Village Hall

Friday 5th April - Hunger Lunch - Impstone House, Bowerchalke

Friday 12th April - Manor Singers Concert - Knighton Manor

Saturday 13th April - Coffee Morning - Broad Chalke Village Hall

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