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There are three primary schools in the Chalke Valley Benefice: Broad Chalke, Coombe Bissett and Longford (in Britford).  All are church schools, so there are strong links between them and the Benefice churches.

The churches provide Foundation Governors, with a member of the clergy on each of the governing bodies. 

Once a week in each school there is an act of Collective Worship taken by one of the clergy, a lay volunteer or one of our “Open the Book” Teams.  “Open the Book” is part of a national scheme which tells Bible stories through drama in Collective Worship… we have local teams of volunteers attached to each of our three schools to deliver this.

“Secret Agents” is a lunch-time club meeting weekly in Broad Chalke School combining a reading of a Bible story with an appropriate craft activity.

Some pioneering work has been done in Coombe Bissett School around confirmation and building up a Eucharistic community.

The schools often use their local parish church as a venue for important events such as leaver’s assemblies or assemblies linked to Christian festivals.

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