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Advent, Christmas and Beyond

A recent exchange of emails between the clergy included the quote, ‘always winter and never Christmas.’  Do you know where it is from?

Winter, it’s not my favourite time of year.  Last year, I remember the beginning of winter was a time of anxiety.  The pandemic that felt endless; we’d just had another lockdown and were all in tiers.  Questions like, would the churches be open, would we be able to sing, would we end up in tier 4 like London, abounded.  Looking back, it was pretty grim.  Never mind ‘always winter’, it felt like it was ‘always restrictions.’

This year feels different.  I feel more confident that the services we’ve planned will go ahead as planned.  We might have to adapt but adaptation and waiting for guidance is something that has become routine.  Maybe, just maybe, when Christmas arrives it will be more straightforward.

Whatever happens, I hope it will be joyful for us all.

I acknowledge we couldn’t have got here without the scientists that developed the vaccine, the NHS and key workers who have care beyond measure, and the wonderful community spirit that has sprung up in the villages in the valley.  Thank you to them all.

In the meantime, we are waiting for Christmas.  Our wait though is an expectant hope.  It might never have been Christmas in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia but, for us, we can expect to worship together and celebrate the Christ-child once again.  And get some presents too.  There will be light in the darkness.

My prayer for us all this Christmas is that we will celebrate, stay safe and look forward to brighter days ahead. 

Revd Catherine Blundell


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1st Sunday in Advent


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